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Premium Restaurant Style Cuts of Lamb
Raised in the Shenandoah Valley, our All Natural whole cuts of lamb are free of subtherapeutic antibiotics and growth hormones. Our lambs eat only a 100% vegetarian diet of pasture, grass hays, and blended grains.
All lambs are grain finished for a mild, mellow flavor with maximum tenderness. Our meat is federally inspected by the USDA, vacuum sealed, and frozen to seal in peak flavor and quality.
Special cuts and orders available upon request. Please contact us 4-6 weeks before needed so that we may better serve you.
Watch for online shopping coming soon!
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Lamb Loin Chops All Natural Loin Chops

The true Porterhouse of lamb loin chops. If you have never eaten Virginia LambTM you will be impressed by the size of these loins. Cut regular thickness or extra thick at 1 1/2". Perfect for the grill, pan seared or broiled. They will not disappoint!

2 Chops per package / Approximate weight 0.50-0.75 Pounds.
Boneless Tenderloin All Natural Boneless Tenderloin

Oftentimes tenderloins are hard to find and even harder to beat for taste, tenderness, and overall succulence! Whether you pan sear, grill, or broil this is one cut of meat that taste best medium rare.

Approximate weight 0.40-0.75 Pounds.
Rack of Lamb All Natural Rack of Lamb

The prime rib of the lamb world! A cut of meat that is dominated by domestically raised sheep in both size and grain-fed flavor. Cut French style* and trimmed of external fat.
A Crown Roast is made when two Frenched* racks of lamb are curved and tied together to resemble a crown. The Crown Roast is perfect for holding traditional bread stuffing or roasted vegetables. You can prepare your own Crown Roast or ask us to prepare it for you.

Approximate weight of 2.0 pounds.
Lamb Rib Chops All Natural Rib Chops

A true culinary delight! Quick and easy for dinner at home tonight. Fancy enough to impress even the most well traveled guests at your next dinner party. Available French style.* Excellent broiled or grilled.

2 Chops per package / Approximate weight 0.30-0.60 pounds.
Lamb Shoulder Roast All Natural Shoulder Roast

Although we don't keep many of these in the freezer, there are those who just love a lamb pot roast that fills the house with heavenly smells. Easy to fix and perfect for the oven with carrots, potatoes, and other root vegetables.

Approximate weight 6-8 pounds.
Lamb Shoulder Chops All Natural Shoulder Chops

The no fuss, easy going cut of lamb. Simple, yet full of flavor. And a great value too. Easy to fix. Perfect for the grill, pan seared or broiled. Great dressed with a marinate or finishing sauce.

2 Chops per package / Approximate weight 0.75-1.0 pounds.
Leg of Lamb - Bone In  
All Natural Leg of Lamb - Bone In

Having a family gathering? Start your own family tradition of Leg of Lamb for Sunday dinner. This is a excellent choice for taste and tenderness. Leftovers are great for salads, pulled barbecue or fajitas.

Approximate weight: Whole Legs 6-8 pounds / Half Legs 3-5 pounds.
Leg of Lamb - Boneless All Natural Leg of Lamb - Boneless (BRT)**

Prized for its tenderness and flavor, this versatile cut that can be prepared numerous ways. Ideal for oven roasting and easy to slice. A whole leg can be easy to prepare... Make slits every 3 inches in the meat and insert cloves of garlic. Rub lamb with olive oil and season with salt and pepper.

Approximate weight: Whole Legs 5-7 pounds / Half Legs 3-5 pounds.
Center Leg Steaks All Natural Center Leg Steaks

We started carry this cut of lamb for those individuals who hunger for a leg of lamb but just can't eat one all by themselves. And what a success! All the flavor and tenderness of a leg without the trouble. Ideal for pan searing, grilling, or broiling. Be careful not to over cook.

1 Steak per Package / Approximate weight 0.75-1.0 pounds.
Fore Shanks  
Fore Shanks

A true trademark of mouthwatering braised lamb dishes and soups that is getting harder and harder to find. Very succulent! We challenge you to find shanks elsewhere with this much meat.

2 Shanks per Package / Approximate weight 2.5-3.25 pounds.
Rear Shanks  
Rear Shanks

Often seen in the finest restaurants plated upright with rice or couscous. Mouthwatering, fall off the bone delicious! Be sure to check out our Recipe Archives for great ideas and suggestions!

2 Shanks per Package / Approximate weight 1.75-2.5 pounds.
Denver Ribs  
Denver Style Spare Ribs

What a fun and exciting twist to an old bar-b-que favorite! We have found that these Denver ribs are outstanding, first coated with a dry rub, cooked, and then finished off with a favorite bar-b-que sauce.

Approximate weight 1-2.5 pounds.
Ground Lamb  
All Natural Ground Lamb

Perfect for Mediterranian dishes, meatballs, chili, or empadillas. Using only the best meat, our burger is ground from the sirloin area and leg. Our lamb is always vacuum sealed to keep the good flavors in and the bad out.

Sold in 1.0 Pound Packages.
Seasoned Lamb Patties All Natural Greek Flavored Ground Lamb Patties

Tired of boring old hamburgers for dinner when you are short on time? These lamb patties are flavored with a succulent combination of Greek spices and feta cheese. Mouth watering taste in every bite. We recommend keeping a package or two in your freezer for dinner on those gotta-run days.

4 Quarter Pound Patties per Package.
Lamb Kabobs All Natural Lamb Shish Ka Bobs

Cut from the tender sirloin area of the lamb, these are a summer treat! Easy to fix after a long day at work or for a weekend picnic. Promised tender, juicy, and flavorful. Also great for stir fry dishes!

Sold in 1.0-1.5 Pound Packages.
Premium Lunch Meats and Sausages
Ahhh! This is what truly makes us special. We now offer a full line of original lamb sausage and bologna products. In taste test after taste test, these are the products that our clients have continued to devour. Don't think you like lamb? Take the lamb taste challenge. We guarantee you will love all of these products as much as we do!
Lamb Italian Sausage Italian Lamb GrillersTM

After months of taste testing this is our winner! A versatile Italian Sausage that is quick and easy to fix. Excellent served with sauerkraut, yet humble enough to be served on a bun. So mild and packed with flavor, we have yet to have any kid (big kids included) turn one down!

Sold 4-5 Grillers per 1 Pound Package.
Lamb Sausage Chorizo Lamb GrillersTM

These spicey links kick it up a notch with peppers and paprika. Ready to eat in minutes! We like ours hot off the grill, but just as excellent pan seared.

Sold 4-5 Grillers per 1 Pound Package.
Lamb Sausage Grillers Old Virginia Spice Lamb GrillersTM

These delicious Grillers are gently seasoned with a unique combination of peppercorn and spice. Ready to eat in minutes! We like ours hot off the grill, but just as excellent pan seared.

Sold 4-5 Grillers per 1 Pound Package.
Lamb Keilbasa Sausage Kielbasa Sausage

It doesn't get much better than this. Sweet, tender, and oh! so flavorful. Try some today... we bet you'll eat it before you can finish making your sandwich.

Sold 4-5 Sausages per 1 Pound Package.
Lamb Snack Sticks  
Lamb Sticks

Looking for a great idea for packed lunches, after school snacks, nature hikes, or road trips? Try our Lamb Sticks! Full of flavor, ready to eat! Just throw them in your lunchbox, backpack, or purse. Buy one or buy a dozen!

Sold in 1 oz Sticks. Available in Pepper and Teriyaki flavors.
Please Note: Some photographs are temporary stock photos and not actual Virginia LambTM products. If you have any questions please contact us.

    Virginia LambTM

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