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Our Story from the Beginning
With each of us bringing more than five generations of farming to the marriage, we knew from the start that agriculture would play a vital role in our future. Corey came from a commercial dairy and beef cattle operation and Janet a nationally recognized Jersey dairy farm. As a young couple struggling to pay off college loans with no farm of our own, we found a creative way to remain true to our agricultural roots on a budget we could afford. Cornerstone Suffolks and Show Lambs began with five Suffolk sheep purchased with money we received from our wedding in 1988.
Suffolk Sheep With those first sheep, came our lifetime vision to raise quality livestock while producing the very best product for our customers. Although our focus was originally on larger framed breeding sheep, we had a high demand for 4-H and FFA project lambs. With such strong ties to 4-H, we both felt it was important to give back by providing new experiences to our community youth. And because both of us enjoyed traveling and competing, while members of 4-H and FFA, it was an easy decision to become more involved in selling competitive show animals for exhibiting at local, state, and national shows. In the early 90's we began shifting gears solely to the production of club lambs. And in 1995 we added Southdowns to the flock.
Southdown Ewes Grazing Our flock stays at 60-70 select black face ewes and 15 or so registered Southdowns. We continually aim to produce show lambs that are moderate to large in frame size, heavy muscled, long hindsaddled, and structurally correct. Our flock continues to grow even as we work to provide top quality breeding stock and starter flocks to other farms throughout the country.
Nestled between the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Shenandoah River, the family farm is close to 250 acres of pasture and rented ground in the rural community of Clarke County. Our flock is managed along side the family farm's beef cattle operation. With four kids eager to try new things, our farm is also the home of free-range chickens, meat goats, pigs, llamas, and a small herd of Shorthorn cattle.
Showing Wether at County Fair Although show lambs continue to be the main focus of our program, today's market has opened yet another door for us. While selecting and producing sheep that do well in the show ring, we never lost sight of the end product -- a lamb chop with size, flavor, and tenderness. This focus has given us an increasing demand for gourmet quality specialty cuts of lamb. Virginia LambTM has been a discussion at the kitchen table since the spring of 2000. And with additional freezer lamb clients being added to our mailing list annually and the demand for lamb increasing, we are now dedicating ourselves to offering a full line of prime lamb cuts and lamb sausage products.
Those first days were over 20 years ago. And although our clients' and their needs continue to change, our vision is as clear today as ever. In the years between we have had four wonderful children Brett, Kayla, Jordan and Brady. Each of whom is actively involved in all facets of farming, from lambing to feeding and from shearing to showing. We have had our share of highs and lows. We've been there when our son won a trip to National 4-H Congress for his experience in sheep husbandry and we've had to break the news to our daughter when several of her sheep were killed in an over night attack by the neighbors' dogs. In 2002, we were honored to receive the "Outstanding Shepherd" Award from the VA Sheep Producers Association. And Corey is currently privileged to be serving his second term on the VA Sheep Industry Board appointed by Governor Warner.
After all the years, sweat, and tears, one thing stands true... Sheep farming still excites us every morning and leaves us tired and satisfied by night. So please ask us any questions you may have. After 20 years we still love talking about sheep!
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