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Setting the Standard for Premium, Gourmet Quality Lamb
Nestled between the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Shenandoah River, our family farm is close to 250 acres of pasture and rented ground in the rural community of Clarke County, Virginia. What started in 1988 with five sheep is now an established flock of close to 75 head of Suffolk and Southdown ewes. We continue to grow even as we work to provide top quality breeding stock and starter flocks to other farms throughout the country.
Gourmet Lamb Loin Chops  
We offer premium, gourmet quality lamb products not found elsewhere in Virginia and the Mid-Atlantic region. Our products include succulent, restaurant style cuts of lamb and a complete line of original lamb sausage and bologna products.
Like many smaller farms in Virginia, we are family owned and operated. With five generations of farmers behind us, we strive to find ways to compete with increasing land values while remaining true to our agricultural roots. Marketing our farm fresh products directly to you, the consumer, is the surest way we know to guarantee your satisfaction as well as the integrity of our products.
On-Farm Quality Assurance Program
We are setting the standard for premium, gourmet quality lamb. To insure only the best, we have developed and committed ourselves to a comprehensive on-farm Quality Assurance Program. We are dedicated to...
    We sell fresh from our family farm to your freezer giving you first hand knowledge of where your meat comes from and how it was produced.
    Only the finest sheep are selected for our breeding stock and only those capable of producing superior lambs. Those lambs are then grain fed for a milder, more delicate flavor and maximum tenderness. Our lamb is federally inspected by USDA, vacuum sealed, and frozen to seal in peak flavor and quality.
    We share the same community as you and have a vested interest in the well being of our environment and the success of other area farmers and businesses. Therefore, not only is our product farmed locally, but our feed and hay is grown and purchased locally whenever possible.
    We never use any growth stimulants, hormones, or feed animal by-products in raising our lambs. Instead we select and breed for traits that are directly linked to meat quality and taste.
    Although we wish we never had the need for antibiotics, from time to time even the healthiest sheep get sick. In those rare cases we are committed to their health. However, for your safety, all FDA withdraw times are strictly adhered to and shots are never administered into areas of prime cuts of meats. We do not believe in the practice of subtherapeutic antibiotics and as a result most of our lamb is antibiotic free.
    We pride ourselves in the latest research-based sheep management and husbandry practices. Our sheep are raised in a stress free environment in comfortable well-ventilated barns and out on rolling, green pastures.
  7. VALUE
    We focus on two breeds of sheep, Suffolks and Southdowns. Both are known throughout the world for meat quality, taste, and tenderness. In addition, we consciously select for medium to large frame size, heavy muscling, and length of hind-saddle (where prime cuts are found). These traits mean higher meat to bone ratios allowing us to bring you larger, higher quality cuts of meat more economically.
    Offering a product that is of the same high standard yesterday, today and tomorrow is our pledge to you. That is why we focus on selecting sheep that meet our ideal model. All lambs are sired by true meat breeds, harvested at a target weight of 120-135 pounds, grade choice plus or better, and have an established level of back fat for tenderness and flavor while remaining healthy and lean to you, the consumer.
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